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Don’t let high energy costs and insufficient insulation affect your property

We specialize in 2lb medium density closed cell SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam) insulation, providing our clients with customized solutions that meet their specific needs.

At our insulation company in Toronto, although we offer various forms of insulation installation, we understand that SPF insulation offers several advantages over more traditional insulating materials. It provides superior insulation performance, reducing energy consumption and costs, while also adding structural integrity to the building. SPF also helps to prevent rodents and pests from entering the structure and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew, ultimately contributing to the overall health and comfort of the occupants. For over 2 decades, our Toronto insulation company has been proudly serving Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Barrie, Muskoka, Scarborough, Oshawa, Brampton, Mississauga and the surrounding cities in Southern Ontario.

Toronto Insulation Work Done Right

Whether you are looking to improve the energy efficiency of your home, commercial property, or industrial building, Exotherm Systems can offer just the right insulation solution for your needs.


Residential insulation is among the most critical elements for your family’s health and comfort, as well as for saving on air conditioning and heating costs of your home.

With over 20 years of experience, Exotherm Systems has developed best practices on the market to ensure the highest quality residential insulation work, at competitive prices. Give our Toronto residential insulation company a call today for a free consultation!


We have a dedicated team of insulation contractors and passionate workers to ensure the commercial insulation job is done right and on time. Protect your investment and ensure the health and comfort of your commercial space by insulating it according to the highest quality standards. Our skilled and experienced team, state-of-the-art techniques, and premium insulation products offer some of the best solutions on the market for insulating office spaces, hotels, restaurants, and other types of business.


Have a future project or looking to lower those company heating and cooling bills? Do you know that one-third of all energy used in industrial buildings goes toward heating and air conditioning? Thermal insulation in Toronto is a smart choice for industrial buildings, and we recommend insulating the entire building, starting with the roof and attic spaces. By entrusting your project to the professionals at Exotherm Spray Foam Systems, you will be able to minimize your energy costs, thus significantly increasing your profit margins.

Our Drywall and Insulation Services for Toronto Properties

At Exotherm Spray Foam Systems, our company offers all types of Toronto insulation and drywall services for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Whether your project requires a popular batt or rolled insulation, SPF insulation, or a combination of the two, we’ve got you covered!


Spray polyurethane foam, or SPF, insulation is a special spray-applied plastic that fills any gaps and cracks, effectively insulating the area. At Exotherm Systems, we offer 2lb medium-density closed-cell SPF insulation, which has the highest Long Term Thermal Resistance of any insulation product available on the market today. Closed-cell SPF insulation is incredibly effective in making homes and commercial spaces more comfortable and energy efficient due to its ability to resist unwanted airflow through cracks, seams, and joints.


Similarly to roll insulation, batt insulation presents “blankets” of insulation material like fiberglass or mineral wool, with or without additional facing. However, batt insulation is pre-cut into flat pieces or batts, which can then be installed between a home’s studs, joints, and rafters. Batt insulation is another budget-friendly option for insulating unfinished walls, floors, ceilings, and attics.


Rolled blanket insulation takes the form of continuous blanket rolls that are made up of small insulating fibers. These blankets are budget-friendly; they can be easily installed in ceilings, floors, and unfinished walls by fitting them between joints, studs, and beams. At Exotherm Systems, we offer fiberglass and mineral wool blanket insulation, with an option to choose between lined and unlined blankets.


Drywall, or gypsum board, is an incredibly common building material used for lining interior walls and ceilings. Made of gypsum and other materials, drywall is placed in between a facer and backer paper and mixed with special fibers to increase its moisture and fire resistance. At our insulation company in Toronto, we offer quick and budget-friendly drywall installation and replacement services to help you stay on track with your renovation project.


Properly insulating the attic is key to keeping your home as energy-efficient as possible. At Exotherm Systems, we offer two types of attic insulation: blown-in loose-fill insulation and a hybrid of blown-in and SPF insulation. With the first option, small particles of foam, fiber, or other materials are “blown-in” the attic, perfectly conforming to the available space. With the hybrid insulation, a layer of spray polyurethane foam is first applied to the attic, followed by a layer of blown-in insulation.


Is your insulation old and deteriorated? If you notice signs of moisture, mold, or animal debris in your existing insulation, it may be time to replace it with a new, more efficient product. In other situations, an over-insulated attic may require insulation removal in order to restore proper air ventilation. In addition, old insulation must be removed in case you are planning to install spray foam insulation or SPF/loose-fill hybrid insulation.


Blown-in loosefill insulation is commonly used in homes for its efficiency and low cost, it is more easily installed in hard to reach places than any other insulating material. 


Living in a moldy home can cause serious respiratory problems and other health issues for you and your family. We are happy to offer comprehensive mold remediation services, which include everything from mold inspection and testing to mold removal and sanitizing. Don’t let your mold problem get out of hand, - give us a call today!

available Rebate Program

The goal of the Home Energy Rebate Plus Program is to help homeowners find ways to save energy in their homes. The program gives a full report on how much energy a home uses and makes suggestions for improvements.

available Rebate Program

The goal of the Home Energy Rebate Plus Program is to help homeowners find ways to save energy in their homes. The program gives a full report on how much energy a home uses and makes suggestions for improvements.

Savings on to you

Reduce heating and Cooling costs

When properly installed, SPF can lead to savings of up to 40-50% on heating and cooling costs, while also aiding the environment by reducing the usage of fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy sources. In a standard residential home, nearly 60% of heat loss is related to moisture in the air, – luckily, spray polyurethane foam is able to form an effective air and vapor barrier that will not absorb water and prevent condensation. This makes SPF the most complete and efficient insulation solution available on the market, suitable for numerous applications.

Give our Toronto insulation company a call today for a free and no-obligation estimate!
Industry leader

Why Choose Exotherm Insulation Company in Toronto?

SPF insulation is by no means a DIY application, it is a highly technical trade that requires extensive training. At Exotherm, all of our applicators are highly skilled and licensed insulation contractors, backed by years of experience in the industry. Our company strives to provide 100% customer satisfaction, and all of our clients have the comfort of knowing that our products, installation practices and services meet the standards outlined in the OBC (Ontario Building Code), CAN ULC-S702 and CCMC (Canadian Construction Materials Centre).


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Anthony and his team did Great work. Period! Quality matters and you'll find it here.
David Ghobrial
David Ghobrial
I hired exotherm to do my large spray foaming job at my house. They did an excellent job. Were attentive to details in the preparation, execution and clean up after process. Price was competitive and reasonable compared to all other quotes. Highly recommended.
Joel Delamirande
Joel Delamirande
I was referred by another company I’ve used them on my project The crew was clean. Took care of the painted walls, and cleaned afterwards Keep up the great work
Dav Az
Dav Az
Their driver is unprofessional. I have everything recorded on my dash cam On Markham road in Scarborough (5:30pm 19/07/2022) Driver turned right on a red light and put him self in front of a semi truck. I hope the company can look at the footage and see what his driver did or can request the footage from me and I will be more than happy to provide him.
Alex Barnett
Alex Barnett
If I could give this company 6 stars I would. Courtney and her crew were amazing and very professional. We were blowing insulation into a large akward attic and she spent considerable time on preparing the site then took pictures of her work and made sure we approved before blowing in. She took great care when bringing in the bulky equipment and made sure everything was protected. After the difficult blow in more pics to get our approval.. then totally cleaned up as if they had never been there. Totally impressed. Give this girl a raise!
Eunjung Lee
Eunjung Lee
Anthony and his guys did an amazing job on our basement, punctual and clean! Definitely will call them back for our addition!
Serguei Melnikov
Serguei Melnikov
Exotherm are one of the best insulation contractors in the city, reliable, responsible and a pleasure to deal with, highly recommended!
9Tania Campbell
9Tania Campbell
Exotherm did a great job with insulating my basement and puting up drywall. I have notice significant decrease in my enbridge bill. The work was done as scheduled and the clean up afterward was great.