Thermal corkshield

One of the most green energy efficient products on the market right now is Vipeq’s sprayed insulated cork material or Thermal Corkshield. This revolutionary system, which is derived from 100% cork, offers many beneficial properties. Some of these benefits are that it is lightweight, mildew resistant, durable, flexible, fire-retardant, water resistant and possesses acoustic and thermal insulation capabilities.

The bark is removed from the cork tree every 8-10 years on average and can be removed from the said tree many times over a 200+ year span, all without causing any damage to the tree and while releasing large amounts of oxygen into the air during the trimming process. It is available in a variety of colours and is perfect for those wishing to add an extra thermal break to their home or property, without the need to remove the existing exterior surface. Whether brick, stucco or siding, corkshield can be applied directly to the desired substrate, all while adding a refreshing new look to the structure.

This application will provide an added layer of insulation to the building and help to drastically reduce utility bills as it will not go below 0 degrees or above 30 degrees Celsius. This Class B fire-rated material closely resembles stucco and is a quicker, more efficient and cost-effective solution than the aforementioned application. It’s high elasticity allow it to expand and contract according to the weather, therefore it will not crack or bend like paint or stucco and its high impermeability makes the diffusion of liquids or gases difficult. Corkshield will absorb the impact to whatever surface its microsuction cups adheres to. Therefore extending the life of your home and providing peace of mind with a 10-year manufacturer warranty when applied by one of our certified technicians.

Benefits of thermal corkshield
  • Powerful thermal insulator: In addition to keeping homes and businesses warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, Thermal Corkshield can also act as a powerful thermal insulator, which can drastically cut down on energy costs.

  • Eco-friendly: Natural and renewable cork bark is used in the production of Thermal Corkshield, making it a sustainable material. As such, it’s highly recommended for those looking for an eco-friendly and long-lasting insulation option.

  • Long-lasting: Thermal Corkshield will not deteriorate for decades, even in the most severe climates. It is resistant to cracking and bending, unlike conventional stucco or paint, thanks to its high elasticity properties, which allow it to contract and expand with the weather.

  • Safe choice: Thermal Corkshield has a Class-B fire rating, making it a safe choice for construction in high-risk fire areas.

  • Acoustic insulator: The soundproofing properties of a building’s walls are enhanced by the fact that Thermal Corkshield is also a great acoustic insulator.
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